Chris Mazanec

DevOPS Lead


A dedicated and driven professional with extensive technical experience gained within key roles including last position as DevOps Lead at Pipelinersales in Bratislava. Focused upon delivering work of the highest professional standards to ensure project delivery to stringent specifications and the maintenance of robust, efficient IT systems. Consistently demonstrates the ability to learn and apply new technical skills in a timely, efficient manner, while successfully managing a heavy personal workload. Possesses excellent business communication skills and can consult professionally at all levels.

Work Experience

DevOPS Lead

Pipelinersales - Uptime Slovakia / Bratislava | 2019 - Present

  • Introduced Terraform for AWS infrastructure automation, making IAC code more stable, cleaner and faster while also expanding the use of Amazon’s cloud tech, such as ec2, elb, route53, rds, lambda, CloudFront, efs, ebs, iam, ecr, ecs, s3, dynamodb, elasticache
  • Simplified and redefined Jira workflows and processes, set up automatic ticket transitions for the team to minimize administration overhead and boost productivity
  • Daily tasks include: leading and working on projects, DevOps scripts maintenance/development, supporting team and customers, working on tasks/incidents, infrastructure planning, creating and updating documentation, communication with partners, security audits and others

DevOPS Engineer

Uptime Slovakia / Bratislava | 2016 - 2018

  • Maintained and improved Thomson Reuters World-Check infrastructure used by banks around the world, took part in a successful migration to RedHat 7, global DNS migration to Akamai and many others
  • Lead Bratislava and Vienna data-centre migration and consolidation project, consisting of initial analysis, design planning, hardware purchasing, physical servers relocation, VMs/containers consolidation, complete network infrastructure makeover, public IP range migration, servers/storages/applications settings consolidation, regions VPN cross-connect, and many others. Utilizing both opensource and proprietary technologies/vendors such as HP, Dell, VMware, Proxmox, Cisco, Freenas, RedHat, Docker, and many others mitigated many single points of failure - leading to robust, transparent, secure and redundant infrastructure
  • Rewritten Ansible automation codebase implementing automation best practices, utilizing AWS and Proxmox dynamic inventories, rendering code more readable, reusable and efficient
  • Utilizing automation enhanced Nagios monitoring, covering blind spots which provided better overall infrastructure overview and more accurate and timely alerting. Migrated to Sensu/Uchiwa/Grafana providing more modern and flexible monitoring stack

DevOPS Engineer

Redact Media / Vienna | 2015

  • Responsible for administration and failure-free status of high-load/traffic websites/systems, with traffic as high as 15Gbit/sec, 60.000 concurrent connections and ~1mio visitors/day
  • Took part in successful video servers to CDN offload project, leading to better customer experience all around the world
  • Proactively improved and simplified overall eco-system by fixing and making redundant DNS, transition to .in domains, expanding monitoring and many others
  • Mitigated copycat sites lowering our traffic by several Gbit/sec saving uplink costs

Senior IT Operations Engineer

Smart Engine / Vienna | 2012 - 2014

  • Supported Linux, Windows and network infrastructure, many parts virtualized
  • Designed and performance-tuned internal HA banking infrastructure utilizing dedicated cloud technologies with network storages, various web/application servers and replicated database clusters
  • Deployed monitoring systems from the ground up, developed custom plugins, leading to fast reaction times and decreased downtimes
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills and strong analytical thinking, contributing to very fast handling of problem situations whether individually, or within the team

Linux/Unix Systems Administrator

First Data Slovakia / Bratislava | 2010 - 2012

  • Held responsibility for availability and status of First Data banking sector infrastructure
  • Installed and supported Linux and Solaris servers, working on incidents, provided on-call support for production servers, prepared systems for PCI audit
  • Remotely and many times personally participated in various international projects in the UK and Germany, contributing to resolving complex issues and finishing projects on time
  • Maintained old and deployed new components into data-center infrastructure (both local and remote)

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Stream UK Media Services / London | 2008 - 2010

  • Acted as a System Architect / Administrator managing company’s whole infrastructure consisting of more than 150 Linux/Windows servers and Cisco-based network infrastructure (PIX, ASA, 29xx switches)
  • Introduced VMware virtualization, designed and built ESXi infrastructure with multipath iSCSI storages
  • Delivered fully redundant Shoutcast solution used by BBC radio UK bringing zero downtime, which contributed to gaining a contract for all UK BBC radio stations, customer and listeners satisfaction
  • Projected and deployed various web and streaming servers HA projects using Linux clustered load balancers and virtualization used for worldwide 24/7 content delivery
  • Enhanced Nagios/Cacti system monitoring company’s devices/services which decreased SLA times

Systems/network administrator

Datalock / Bratislava | 2006 - 2007

  • Responsible for Linux infrastructure and overall setup of Datalock WAN and LAN
  • Designed and deployed business continuity project for hundreds of users of Slovak MOT test centers utilizing Linux LVS and Oracle DBs/Application Servers
  • Improved security implementing central jabber server, applying extensive spam filtering/antivirus system
  • Introduced Kickstart deployment system which reduced installation times

Systems administrator

Opensystems / Bratislava | 2005 - 2006

  • Managed company’s and partners' servers, AD domain, and services
  • Introduced Linux infrastructure/services leading to increased reliability and stability

1st line support specialist

Hewlett-Packard / Bratislava | 2005

  • Supported and monitored HP customer’s 24x7 infrastructure for the EMEA region
  • Held responsibility for applications/servers status, running HP-UX, Linux and Tru64